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Owner, Ray Cassarino.

                { Questions to ask yourself }

    1 Does your currant office cleaning service
    care about quality concerns?
    2 Do they rush in and out in order to get to they're next commercial cleaning account?
    3 Does your currant cleaning service clean only what they have to? 
    4 Does the currant cleaning service look for things to clean in order to make your office look better?
    5 Are you ang your staff sneezing beacuse the dust isn't being removed?
    6 Are there black or red stains in the toilets in your office?
    7 Are the cobwebs growing in t he corners
    from the ceilings to the floors?
    8 Can you contact the owner with one phone call if you had an emergency?
    9 Is the currant janitorial service fully insured? or do they presume nothing can or will ever happen?
    10 Is there a language barrier between you and the cleaning staff?
    11 Do the office chair legs look
    like they went four wheeling in the mud?
    12 Are the carpets vaccumed thoroughly?
    13 Is the tile mopped and disinfected?
    You owe it to yourself and your staff to hire the best office cleaning service in Connectcut, All the things I have mentioned here in these questions, are common office cleaning neglect,  Don't hesitate to call me for a free estimate.















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               We offer the best when it comes to commercial cleaning in ct, building cleaning, and office cleaning services, covering all of Connecticut!

      *Office Cleaning, Servicing the Litchfield County, Fairfield, New Haven, New London, Hartford, Tolland, Windham and Middlesex County.* 860-712-9226

      Cassarino Commercial Cleaning will customize a schedule and pin-point task list for your office. We customize our cleaning to fit your needs: we vacuum, wipe down counters, disinfect surfaces, clean bathrooms, dust shades, dust window sills, and dust overhead lights. We pledge any real wood, mop all tile flooring, empty and replace garbage liners, clean and disinfect all sinks. We clean and polish stainless steel to make it look shiney and new.

      There's no doubt about it,
      we are the real deal, office cleaning performance at it's best, try us once and you'll see the difference between the best and the rest! 860-712-9226.

       In the kitchen area,we move everything we can,we clean the inside and outside of the microwave, cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, cleaning the counters lift things/clean and put the things back.

      When we vacuum, we don't just go around items, we move them for a thorough cleaning. It's for these reasons that our clients say we are the best in Connecticut!

      • Premium business cleaning services
      • No contract is required
      • Special multiple building discounts
      • 24 hour customer service 
      • Flexible schedule 
      • Certified workmanship
      Hartford Connecticut   
      The art of office cleaning- Cleaning is done better with the outlook that the customer comes first, if office cleaning services clean while they're looking at the clock, the odds are that things are getting missed. CASSARINO COMMERCIAL CLEANING believes that the customer comes first, not the timeline! there is no timeline with CASSARINO, only good quality cleaning.

      Bathrooms cleaned, floors mopped and
      disinfected, desks cleaned, the list goes on and on.

         Powerful germs? hire a  powerful cleaning service,
      we disinfect using a hospital strength disinfectant that kills germs on contact.


      Why can't services remain consistent?
      Cleaning Companies aren't consistent because they don't enjoy cleaning offices, I love what I do so i'm always looking for ways to ad a task to the cleaning list, to make the office cleaning job look better and better every time I clean, it's the challenge of wanting to do a cleaner job then the rest of the janitorial services that really keeps me on my toes, what makes us one of the best  CT cleaning services is our superior quality and consistency I wouldn't want a competitor to take an account so I remain as consistent as possible, and then some!

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