Anything you can think of or visualize about clinical office cleaning in Ct, we will clean! Your Medical office will never look better. We know how to clean and please medical professionals using state of the art office cleaning chemicals and equipment to ensure the highest outcome to every medical office cleaning.
860-712-9226 The area's number one medical office cleaning service, a service that goes beyond the call of
cleaning, Cassarino Commercial Cleaning is dedicated
to creating a germ free environment, to insure a dust be gone atmosphere we allways carry new dusters, paper towels, disinfectant, cleaning chemicals, vacuums that work, toilet
bowl cleaner, clean mops, we don't run short on supplies.



         We offer the best when it comes to commercial cleaning in ct, building cleaning, and office cleaning services, covering all of Connecticut!

When it comes to medical office cleaning and dental office cleaning services in ct we rank high!

Medical office cleaning in Ct

When it comes to medical office cleaning in Ct, we really disinfect, cleaning Plastic surgeons offices, Internal medicine, Dentists, Oral surgeons. orthodontist office cleaning.

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Our company servicing these towns in the Tolland County.

        Andover CT, Bolton, Colombia, Coventry, Ellington, Hebron, Mansfield,  SomersStafford, Tolland, Union, Vernon,

We specialize in cleaning the examining rooms disinfecting all surfaces, cleaning the sinks and counters, the bathrooms, all entry and exit glass doors, vacuuming all carpet and tile, mopping all tile, cleaning the reception counter, all wood desks pledged/ to create a vibrant look and smell, all pictures dusted, fax machines dusted, trash cans cleaned, all trash emptied and trash liners replaced, phones cleaned and disinfected, computers dusted, tops of file cabinets dusted, tops and bottoms of walls dusted for cobwebs
When patients enter your examination rooms, those rooms should look pristine, absolutely clean! The cleaner the examining rooms are the better the patients feel about being there at your office. Have you been to a doctors office and noticed how dirty the sinks were, how drippy they looked, not in my medical offices, not on my shift!

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