Waiting Room.
  1. Chairs- We clean/disinfect all waiting room chairs, tops and bottom of the rails, dust all Televisions, tables, any real wood we pledge to make it smell and look great! We wipe down all window sills, shades, vacuum all carpet, tile, mop all tile.
Entrance or Foyer.

  1. Clean all entrance and exit glass doors, clean all window sills, clean all shades, vacuum all carpet or tile, mop all tile.
Reception Area.
  1. Clean/disinfect the reception counter, lift things/clean and put things back.
  2. Clean/disinfect the reception desk, lift things/clean and put things back where they belong, disinfect/clean the phones.
Sterilization and Lab.
  1. Clean/disinfect the sterilization counter, lift things, clean and put things back, clean/disinfect the sink, use stainless steel polish to give it an awesome shine and protection.
  2. Lab- Clean the counter, lift things/clean and put things back, clean the sink, use stainless steel polish to create an awesome shine and protect the sink.
  1. Empty and replace all trash liners.
  1. Vacuum all carpet and tile, mop/disinfect all tile.
Ongoing Dust removal.
  1. We dust all overhead lights once per month, dust all corners of walls, tops and bottoms for cobwebs, dust all baseboards, dust all pictures, picture frames, computers, computer screens, keyboards, computer towers, phone keyboards, window sills, window shades, fax machines.
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Operatory Rooms
  1. Operatory rooms, we lift the operatory chairs, spray the whole chair, top and bottom with a powerful disinfectant/cleaner, wipe the whole chair down, clean any visible scuff marks off of the chair, hairs and dirt.
  2. Foot Pedals, we clean all foot pedals.
  3. Metal Arms, we clean the metal arms that the light and the xray is connected to.
  4. Counters, we move things on the counters, clean/disinfect and put things back.
  5. Sinks, we clean the sinks, if they are stainless steel we clean them, then we use stainless steel polish on them to protect them and give them an awesome shine.
  6. We dust all the tops of the counters, I mean high areas where people don't see, but they will sneeze if there is a dust build up, we clean any visible marks on the outside of the cabinets.
  7. Garbages, we empty and replace all trash liners.
  8. Floors, we vacuum all floors, carpet, tile, we mop/disinfect all tile.



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