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What's the best process for restroom cleaning in ct?

Step 1- Lift the seat on the toilet then Line the inside of the
toilet with Lysol complete toilet bowl cleaner, let that sit inside the toilet while you go empty garbages.

Step 2- your done emptying the garbages, spray the sink with
a commercial grade disifectant/cleaner and wipe away using paper towels, not rags "this isn't the great depression" by some paper towels! rags spread dirt, don't use them!

Step 3- Brush the inside of the toilet using a good brush, hitting all the areas under the rim right down into the throat of the bowl.

 Step 4- Spray the seat of the toilet and the underneath of the seat, the seat has two parts the top and the bottom, spray and wipe them down, I recommend Spray Nine which can be purchased at the Home Depot, it kills a lot of germs and that's what you want when cleaning a bathroom, wipe the top and bottom of the seat and you will see the urine melt off those parts, most people don't use the proper cleaning chemicals, because they are not trained properly.

Step 5- Spray the other parts of the toilet with Spray Nine and clean away, remember be passionate about what you do
and it will pay off, clean the mirror, replace the paper
products and handsoap and your done, double check your work and move to the next office cleaning task.


when cleaning reception counters one of the ways to remove the most dust is  Pledge, this product removes more dust and eraser particles than any produst on the market!

  One of the things that I do is clean the reception desk with a disinfectant first and than go over with pledge to get the fine dust that would have stayed behind if I didn't use it at all.

I move all common items like plastic file holders, dusting behind these things with paper towels and pledge, moving these things back when I'm done, moving pencil sharpeners, rolodexes, and of course make sure you are moving one thing at a time, moving multiple things at once can get you in a lot of trouble doing commercial cleaning in Ct.

 Building cleaning services in ct should realize it's not about how fast but how well you clean.



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        What's The Best Way To Clean Vertical Window Blinds?

Step1- Take a long Telescopic Duster, tie a treated microfiber dust cloth on the end of the duster, in other words, take the treated microfiber dust cloth, tear two long pieces off of the cloth then wrap the cloth around the whole end of the duster then wrap the two pieces around the dust cloth, tie the two pieces around the cloth, securing it the the duster and your good to go.

Step2-  Turn the blinds so they are in the down position, run the duster down the blinds slightly clanking the blinds to work the dust out of the grooves on the blinds that are sitting on top of eachother.