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Cleaning of small offices,
  Cleaning of small offices in Ct, is one of our specialties, there's no difference in the performance of the cleaning, the difference is the price! it's much cheaper to have a small office cleaned. We offer weekly or bi weekly cleanings for any office. Building cleaning services is our specialty, we take pride in our work, commercial cleaning services is our top priority!



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This is a basic facility cleaning task list, it is modified, added to and customized according to the customers needs.
  • Bathrooms- Disinfect and clean the inside and outside of the toilet bowl, clean the sinks, fixtures and mirrors, replace all hansoap and paper products.
  • Trash- Empty and replace all trash liners.
  • Reception Area- Clean the reception desk and counter, lift things, clean and out things back.
  • Desks- clean and disinfect all designated desks,  frequency depends on the number of days the office is cleaned per week, we lift things, clean and put the things back on the desks.
  • Bathrooms- brush toilets and urinals, clean outside of toilets and urinals, clean the sink, fixtures and mirrors.
  •  kitchen area- clean all dishes and silverware in the sink, clean the microwave, clean the counter moving items to clean under them, use stainless steel cleaner and polish on the sinks if applicable.
  •  Wood desks- use pledge on any wooden desks.
  •  Pictures- dust all pictures and picture frames.
  • Window sills and window shades- wipe down all window sills and shades.
  •  Computers- dust all computers and computer towers.
  • Phones and fax machines- disinfect all phones, dust all fax machines.
  •  Vacuum all carpet, tile and, or hardwood floors in the office.
  • Mop all tile and or hardwood floors in the office.

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Dental office cleaning, orthodontist office cleaning
  • Everything from the top of the page and everything from here on.
  • Operatory rooms- lift the operatory chairs, clean the whole plastic base of the chair and where the patients feet go.
  • Sterilization room- clean the counter, clean the sink or sinks.
  • Lab- clean the entire lab.
  • Operatory counters- lift things, clean and put things back, clean the sinks, clean the metal arms that the lights and x ray is connected to.
  • Window sills and shades- we wipe down all window sills and dust all shades as needed in any office that we clean.
  • Baseboards- we wipe all baseboards down as needed