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we love to make offices look cleaner, it's our goal to create the best looking office in your industry, small, medium, or large, offices, we clean them all, detailed, disinfected, mopped, vacuumed, doorknobs cleaned, carpets cleaned on a regular basis, floors stripped and waxed, bathrooms that look awesome! that's what we do. everything!

We offer commercial restroom cleaning in ct.

we can  come out to your commercial building and clean the restrooms once per week,

once every other week or even daily.

Restroom cleaning services in CT, 860-712-9226 WE RANK AS ONE OF THE BEST!





         We offer the best when it comes to commercial cleaning in ct, building cleaning, and office cleaning services, covering all of Connecticut!

Office cleaning services in Ct, customized to your needs, 860-245-9774

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     Call now, what do you have lose but a liittle time, to  find  out if we can improve on your current office cleaning services, When it comes to Commercial Cleaning Companies in Ct,  we clean more things, clean your bathrooms better, disinfect more areas, wipe down desks, dust all your pictures, vacuum under more items, mop more tile.

Why would I spend all this time trying to convince you of  just how serious I am about aquiring your business if I didn't mean it?                                                                             


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Why Choose Cassarino Commercial Cleaning?

No contracts, no hidden fees, just an honest service out to prove a point: that we are the best, quality, price and consistency. A Hartford CT commercial cleaning company That persists in making your office look awesome!
There are a lot of commercial cleaning contractors to choose from, but if you choose us I will make your office A happy dust free/germ free work environment.

Cassarino Commercial Cleaning

  is committed to providing a level of commercial cleaning services in CT  that goes above and beyond what other CT cleaning companies offer. We look for things to clean- we don't just go around things.
Dust and germs are our enemies, we face the challenge head on and eliminate the problem. That's my gaurantee! Quality, price and consistency.

Call Connecticut's premier office cleaning service,

 You owe it to yourself and your company to hire the best when it comes to commercial cleaning services in the region.

 Out of all the companies cleaning commercial buildings in Hartford ,we rate as one of the best.
I love competing among other office cleaning contractors, I know how to clean, and I never stop learning, I'm not stuck in a narrow minded vision. 

*How I view each

* I view each account as the most important account in my cleaning repertoire, just because someone pays $50.00 and someone else pays $100.00 per week doesn't mean by a stretched sense of the imagination that I would choose to clean the higher paying account first, or only the higher paying account, In
my mind everybody is important

Being part of a growing industry of building cleaning companies in Ct, we strive to perfect our commercial cleaning services to the point of going above and beyond what other facility cleaning companies deliver! Quality, Price and Consistency is our Focus.

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*Stainless Steel*
on all stainless steel we use stainless steel
cleaner and polish to give the appearance of a
high shine and a clean surface. Sinks never looked better,  shiny/clean stainless steel sinks give your
office the look that it deserves, the quality that it
needs to make clients say wow!
How many times have
you been to a doctors examining room and the sinks looked dull and dirty, not here, not with my service. Quality building Cleaning Companies Ct are hard to find, so Fill out our contact form Here for your free Quote-Contact Us


  We are proud cleaners of many    
  Dental and orthodontic offices,
  We look at every aspect of the operatory
  rooms and the entire office, we look for
  things to clean/disinfect, when it comes to

dental office cleaning in Ct, or orthodontic


cleaning in Ct, we are the commercial

cleaning service for your office!

 *The cleaning buzz*

Let Ray Cassarino come to your commercial building
for a free office cleaning inspection, no contracts
no hidden fees, just a one time free quote! We know
quality office cleaning, and we know if your getting
what you deserve! Honesty integrity and a strong
desire to please, that's what we are all about.