Why other cleaning companies don't compare to us.
the commercial cleaning industry has become like any other business, all about the all American $$$$, A generic cleaning delivered for a very low price, I deliver the best of the best! I'm out to prove a point! To take my family name Cassarino and make it known that you will receive the best, just like my mom's home made sauce, when you came over for Sunday dinner you knew you never had sauce or meatballs like that before and it was the best, Dorothy's sauce and meatballs couldn't be beat, neither will my commercial cleaning service.



         We offer the best when it comes to commercial cleaning in ct, building cleaning, and office cleaning services, covering all of Connecticut!

The best commercial cleaning services in Bridgeport ct, 860-712-9226 the best office cleaning services, building cleaning companies.

Cassarino Commercial Cleaning in Bridgeport Ct,
 Eradicating germs and dust which plague your office space, dust on desks, dust on window sills, dust on pictures, on picture frames, computers, computer towers, under fax machines, we remove your unwanted enemy---DUST!

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Why Hire Us?
  1. Staff who are trained to perform office cleaning tasks my way!
  2. The best cleaning/disinfecting in the industry!
  3. Every account is  supervised by me, I make sure that there are no corner cutters, only corners cleaned!
  4. We use the best vacuums and chemicals in the office cleaning industry!
  5. My staff are put through extensive training to insure that they like and are able to perform they're tasks the right way.